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Stefan513593 - Project 2 - Exercise 1 - Triptych

Preparation: Process Painting

Introduction I got informed by my tutor after last assignment feedback that the sequence of intermediate painting steps can be more than merely a narrative and illustration of my making. My two more successful examples from Part 4 are the one from  Project 1 – ‘Hard and Soft Landscape‘ => with a narrative and emulation of natural phenomena and the other…

Stefan513593 - Assignment 5 - Painting #2

Project 3 – Exercise 2: Abstract painting from man-made form

As in the last exercise I decided to look at specific images from my series of photographs taken on site. Final Paintings: Painting #1: Enamel and acrylic on canvas board (50 x 40 cm) Painting #2: Oil and acrylic on canvas board (50 x 40 cm) (remark:  the photograph doesn’t show the complex luminosity of the painted surface completely)   Preparatory…