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08 Stefan513593_PoP1_Corroding away at the facade of the smile

Preparation: Texture, Index and abstraction

Texture & found materials: Already in previous parts and projects I worked with textured grounds for my paintings. My examples: Part 4 – Project 4 – ‘Landscape outside‘ and Project 5 – Ex3 ‘Working from photograph‘ Part 5 – Project 2 – Ex 1 ‘Textured ground‘ and Ex 2 ‘Mixing materials‘ I contextualised especially Anselm KieferĀ (b. 1945) – see link…

Stefan513593 - Project 2 - Exercise 1 - Triptych - progress (2)

Project 2 – Exercise 1: Preparing a textured ground

Moving ahead with the exercises I let my ideas and site experience for my personal project inform my experimental exploration of materials and painting approach. In previous exercises I already uses some textured grounds for paintings (e.g. Part 4 – Project 4 ‘Painting a landscape outside‘ – ‘Artefacts‘). Therefore not totally new to me. InĀ scope of this exercise I will…