Exhibition – David Hominal (b. 1976) in Vevey, Switzerland

Retrospective exhibition ‘David Hominal‘ in Musée Jenisch, Vevey (Switzerland) from 03 Mar – 15 May 2016.  Click here – accessed 09 May 2016). Flyer click here.

David Hominal is a swiss artist from Evian, France, studied art in Lausanne, and currently with residence on Berlin is constantly searching through painting for the ‘tension of the world‘ (Menour, 2013). In his multifaceted work Hominal does not restrict himself to painting media alone, he crosses lines with sculpture, photography, printmaking, typography etc.

The exhibition was split into 6 theme rooms: 1. tactile intellectual exploration of surface (video), 2. ‘Notes‘ (with prints, color tests, and sketches, 3. lithographs, 4. woodcuts, exploring performative dimension of language, 5. serigraphy and exploration of RGB colors, 6.  silkscreens (nocturnal vision)

The video-audio recording Hominal’s hand touching various surfaces in different locations in the period from 2006 to 2010 explores seeking as a key element. Hominal refers to the ballet by Vaslav Nijinsky  to music by Claude Debussy. I could easily relate to this as it links back to my personal project from Drawing 1 course unit.

  • L’Après-midi d’un faune‘ (The afternoon of a Faun), 2010
    Online image (Jenisch, 2016)


In the context of my current course unit Painting 1 I found it interesting to see once again the approach from other artists in exploring color relationships and how perceptions of hues.

  • Untitled‘, 2014
    (photo shot from exhibition)


I found the following serigraph printing fascinating without quite knowing why:

  • Détail‘, 2015
    Sérigraphie en deux couleurs (996 × 756 mm)
    (photo shot from exhibition)


=> this is a gestural work black on yellow. The yellow produces a strong punch to the bald and fading markings with a wide brush. There is visual depth despite of one a few marks.

IMG_0554_edit_smI was wondering how a different color would possible change the perception of the image and replaced the yellow with white (with Photoshop). What a difference. The yellow gives a more  vibrating perception to the image. The yellow with the black markings reminds me of Odilon Redon black works – click here.

I believe that I need to experiment with markings and color to better understand visual perception and its impact on visual depth, atmosphere and mood.





Moving on in another room I found this large scale triptych with red marks, and black background.

  • ‘Untitled‘, 2016
    Sérigraphie en trois couleurs; black and fluo markers
    (photo shot from exhibition)


=> With a closer view more color become visible (yellow, blue). There is constant theme in Hominal’s works of using primary colors (red, yellow, blue, or RGB). As the work ‘Detail‘, 2015 this work is a repetition or reiteration of a theme of gestural marks.  I feel that the repetition as such makes the works more dramatic, a intenser exploration of color and covering with black. In some areas the under layers in bright marker pens are showing through.

From the exhibition there was one work quite different to the ones before. Not an investigation of primary colors and prints and typography. Rather a work that explores the low key images and atmospheres observed from his hotel room view in Belgrade. These are video stills. A mystic atmosphere – and for me a bit of mystic related to his video-audio recording

  • Through the Windows‘, 2013 Sérigraphie en couleur sur papier HP Mat Litho Realistic, (730 x 1300 mm)
    (photo shot from exhibition)



=> this images are covered with plexiglas as often works in museums and galleries are protected from the outside. In this case the reflective surface that mirror the inside of the room – and even the looking through the door into another room – and the reflection of the visitor opens up to another dimension of atmosphere. It enforces the black perception when standing straight in front. But with obliques point of view there is more of the surrounding space visible. In this case I am not sure whether this conceptual idea from Hominal really is resolved.




  • Simple one color and monochrome markings can have huge differences in visual perception. More experiments to do on my site.
  • The strongest works for me were those that explores in its simplicity interaction of color and markings. This as a kind of drawing with paint approach.


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