Assignment 1 – Self evaluation

My self evaluation against the assessment criteria for visual arts.

  1. Demonstration  of technical and Visual Skills Materials:Throughout part 1 I learned more about transparent and opaques mixing and painting techniques. At the beginning I struggled to make them bold enough. The assignment piece however allowed me to investigate and explore further both techniques in a meaningful sense. I found an approach to combined with techniques to deliver my intention through focused observation and translation into forms and colors. I liked my found approach to work from tonal study and applying local colors and washes in subsequent steps. By that felt more confident than just applying pure colors, perhaps pre mixed directly on the support. This however may change along my part.
  2. Quality of Outcome Content:Starting my limitations due to my travel schedule I eventually found a subject and an approach to make a meaningful painting. Through various steps in my preparation towards the assignment piece I explored various areas (tonal study, ground colour, pattern markings, opaque and transparent paint application). I became clearer in my discernment and I felt that the final piece evolved rather naturally from my studies. Due to the purpose of this assignment I did not explore other approaches that could lead towards a more abstract depiction. I felt in the middle of my assignment piece before applying patterns and overlayed washes the main message of the painting was already articulated. My idea of the sublime concept made me move forwards with a more realistic depiction and with bold colour application. At times I was wondering myself whether it would move more towards a drawing or a painting and whether painting should not be more than colouring a drawing.
  3. Demonstration of Creativity:Overall I think that considering my limitations I went a rather traditional path. Mainly for me to work on my skills. Nevertheless I was able to apply different techniques in creating a believable and representational painting. Main areas in my approach was to combine opaque and transparent painting techniques alongside pattern and texture development with various tools. A main point was my intention to make a painting built on contrast (tonal, patterns, colour) to convey a sense of sublimes on a rather unspectacular subject. I could have been more experimental in the context of possible outcomes.
  4. Context:I did some researches on artists who had ‘pebble’ as a subject. Some where rather realistic though colourful, more contemporary artists and in the context of cubism tended more towards abstraction. My exhibitions visit supported my in understanding also other approaches. My decision for my decided approach was built around the purpose of this assignment as well as to deepen my skills. I found my own notes on previous exercises quite beneficial as they helped me to understand my struggles.



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