Reflection on my assessment results

I successfully passed assessment with a 2.1.

Considering my efforts and commitment, my prolific experimental interest and at times my overly self-conscious approaches, I am satisfied with the results.  Although I definetely head for a 1 for the next practical course units on HE5 (level 2)

More than the results I am happy with the assessors acknowledging my ‘sound foundation for your future development’  and emphasising my ‘vigorously engaged use of materials’ expressed through convincing sketchbooks and studies. I do feel that my contextual approaches and research are appropriate for this level (OCA, 2017)

There is a strong need to focus and consolidate my efforts to a more in-depth ‘investigative enquiry and invention combined with the compositional order inherent within a painting’ in order to produce better and more successful finished paintings. A very valuable comment and spot on, coherent with my experiences with the previous course unit Drawing 1.

I know I was struggling at times, spending more times on exploratory works and keeping a notion of experimenting rather than looking at finished works. If I would select a portfolio for an exhibition from my coursework I guess I would have some troubles.

I shared my assessment results with my tutor and I was glad to hear that she was present at the assessment event (not involved in the markings though). She was quite excited with my ‘marvellous and fresh’ sketchbooks. Her comments were along the line of perhaps too many ideas and the need of ‘slowing this down into more resolved painting’. She acknowledged my struggles and was raising the question whether painting on traditional supports ‘would be the way to go for me in the future’. Possibly to find alternative approaches to painting (painting as process, process art, collage, video etc.)  (Rohr, 2017)

I continued after submission and in parallel to my current OCA course uni UVC, on further elaborated works based on one or two subject matters, spin offs from my personal project: ‘The uncanny’, ‘Absence and presence’, a mix between drawing and painting with elements of collage and process based. I noticed that my works tend to shift between painting and drawing, between at times rather monochrome and gestural paint application combined with specific mark makings. I feel comfortable to continued my chosen Fine Art degree pathway where I can explore both.

I think I will look into creating a professional artist webpage as showcase of projects that I can than use as starting points for external interactions with exhibitions spaces and galleries. At plan for this year, kind of consolidation and listening to my personal voice.

This is my last post on this blog.

You who read this can continue to follow me on my current OCA blog:

As mentioned I am planning to create a personal and professional artist webpage, I will update links accordingly.



  • Rohr, Doris (July 2017) Personal communication

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  1. August 1, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    Congratulations Stefan. You make some awesome work with true dedication.

    • August 2, 2017 at 9:21 am

      Thank you Dave, appreciate your feedback. When I am hooked than flow comes, other times it feels like a battle

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