Assignment 3: Rework of assignment piece for assessment portfolio

After submission of my assignment 3 piece to my tutor and discussing with her in our skype tutorial about the more successful piece coming out from my daily self-portraits project from week 9 ‘Portrait objects’, I decided to submit that work in a slightly adjusted presentation for assessment in July 2017. I abandoned thus the originally submitted assignment 3 piece completely. Concerning the question whether to keep the original painted pages (48x36cm) complete or to cut them into individual images to make a new cluster, I decided eventually for the latter option.

As contextualized earlier on with works by Carole Schneemann‘s ‘Partial Portraits’, 1963 and the cluster pictures by Juliette Blightman hanging on the wall at the exhibition, I find that the key aspects of my ‘Portrait Objects’ are built on the way I encounter my environment.

I call these smal scale grid like painting ‘Self-Portrait’ as a representation of my reflection of my embodied encounter. Through the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch I do not only perceive myself in a mirror but also myself through the objects that trigger these sensations.

My final cluster represents therefore my intimate relationsship with myself and my direct environment of daily life. I decided to make a regular 3×4 grid. Although I was considering as well some looser cluster presentation as explored in part 4. The main reason was to keep  a certain consistency with the original made 3×2 grid on one page. Another reason for me was to emphasise the ‘modernistic’ construction grid reflecting of my narrative of daily self portraits that I perceived as an structured approach.


Original set of paintings form week 9:


Final set of ‘Portrait Objects’:
12 segments in acrylic (each 16 x 18 cm) on board (60 x 80 cm)

Stefan513593 - Assignment 3 - Portrait Objects

Stefan513593 – Assignment 3 – Portrait Objects


  • My new interrogation with a painting I did some months ago (Oct 2010) was quite refreshing. With a distance I could decide on images to the aesthetics of the final cluster as well better connect
  • In the scope of my newly started third level 1 course ‘Understanding Visual Culture’ I can see now also a reference of my cluster to formalistic and constructed approaches in modern art. Considering a self-portrait as going beyond an rather illusionistic representation of an mirroed image, I can see some notions of inter-subjectivity and a constructed self perception by what we do.


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