Study Overpainting transferred paintings

Till now I overpainted photographs and acrylic transferred photographs  from images I took on location.

I wanted to go one step further and see my painting responses to my own paintings. For this study I decided to use the images from project 2  ‘Textured ground – Triptych‘ – images click here.

I went to inkjet print no.2 and no.3 and to acrylic transfer them to thicker acrylic paper. I already new how to do it, so no surprises expected.

Work in progress

After transfer I tried to get rid of the cloudy acrylic layer on the image, repetitive rubbing with water helps a bit. I worked with oil and oil paint, last layer a thick glaze with stand oil, letting it drip down a bit. Working with spatula and palette knives.

Stefan513593 - overpainted painting (transfer) - progress 1

Stefan513593 – overpainted painting (transfer) – progress 1

Stefan513593 - overpainted painting (transfer) - progress 2

Stefan513593 – overpainted painting (transfer) – progress 2


Final (resp intermediate) paintings:

Stefan513593 - overpainted painting (transfer)

Stefan513593 – overpainted painting (transfer)


=> I do not find those so convincing –  too many hurdles. The color turned out quite muddy. What I liked was the underlying layers coming through with the oil paint standing in the foreground. The images of my base paintings are not visible any longer. A kind of surrealistic landscape, quite constructed. I will not include them in my series of pantings for my assignment.

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