Assignment 5: Mindmap and development of ideas

My personal encounter alongside the process of deterioration and memories and the notion of the uncanny.

Step#1: Overview achievements, scope of project and context in a corner of my studio

Stefan513593 - Assignment 5 - mindmap #3

Stefan513593 – Assignment 5 – mindmap #3

… a kind of triptych – a narrative of my process:

=> quite a complex picture of various aspects => I need to reduce and focus

Step #2: 

I will consider my goal and questions that I will ask myself while discerning my paintings.

  • Visualising my personal embodied encounter and the emotional responses
  • Leaving space and time for the observer to respond without conveying symbolic meanings
  • Conveying a sense of the  ‘natural’ process of deterioration
  • Conveying a sense of memories and transition: inside-outside / internal-external
  • Creation of a sense of place

What is the sense of place for me? 

  • Surrounding environment, nature
  • Residential building as home and human presence
  • Deterioration of building as process
  • Human absence as a signifier for uncanny sensations – unhomely
  • Windows and doors: in german ‘heimelig’ and ‘heimlich’ – in english  homely and hidden, concealing; transition inside – outside / internal – external
  • Signs for human presence and absence, e.g house number, closed shutters, protection fence
  • Reflections, my inner perspective

I am going to experiment in four areas and to see which approach may be the more appealing and successful. For each of them I will make a separate post and will conclude on all of them afterwards. For all approaches I will consider how to embed my subject matter.

  1. Monotype:  inspiration for layers, step sequences and not-control => see
  2. Overpainting photographs: combined layers of meaning and sensation   => see
  3. Texture, Index and abstraction: painting incl found materials  => see 
  4. Process painting:  documentation => see

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