Franz Kafka – Der Bau (The Burrow), 1931

A story about a badger and his burrow. As often with Kafka his stories are written from an animal perspective but need to be translated and looked at from a human inner perspective. The story is about the self consciousness and self-perceptions of the badger struggling between the homely burrow and the alienated outside. Inside his burrow he cannot see or feel the outside, leaving an unsettling and uncanny sensation that frightens him. It seems he is never really satisfied in his agony. He is thinking about changes and changes, optimizing his burrow and is full of imagination – a stressful thinking that makes it even worse.

The story can be seen as a phenomenological parody on human reason.

What fascinates me is the sense of unhomely and risks. Although both are just subjective perceptions -of the external but also the internal world. Perhaps there is something in it that resonates with me in my course work, a self conscious struggle and the fun of making art. As just to say: enjoy it!

Relating to my project especially the last sentence ‘Aber alles blieb unverändert‘ (But all remained unchanged) makes sense addressing subjective perceptions and human reasoning.

I take it from here that the external view on the deteriorating building and the story of the last tenant or owner remains a memory and life goes on – business as usual. And it is coming back what I read about the exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Bonn ‘that our hopes of a safe space affording happiness and protection against an increasingly complex world are liable to be disappointed even within our own four walls, and that not even at home are we necessarily at home.

I want my art work to attribute to the personal encounter and to contribute to a ‘gaze’ that keeps at rest for a while. A moment when the observer can contemplate the image and get touched by her/his emotional responses and asssociations. As my dear fellow student Charlotte said: ‘like a good poem


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