Sketchbook pages (14): Visual ideas for my project

A further exploration of ground, textured and less textured, though still meaningful through my approach of making it – at times leaving the tool be part of the picture  – a possible direction to go for my project.


  • Found leaves (crushed), linseed oil, gouache, charcoal:

=> the texture foreground with found objects mirror with gouache paint in the background (a reflection and extension)

Stefan513593 - Part 5 - Sketchbook 19

Stefan513593 – Part 5 – Sketchbook 19


  • Pigment on pastel ground, enamel:

=> with a wooden stick ‘washing’ the pigment over the still wet pastel ground, tapping with the wooden stick into it, leaving traces. Adding with enamel paint in strings kind of asemic writing (inspired by fellow student Lottie – Charlotte514277) – and something more to look at: e.g. Cy Twombly (

Stefan513593 - Part 5 - Sketchbook 09

Stefan513593 – Part 5 – Sketchbook 09


  • Pastel ground with wooden sticks from above, acrylic paint, crayon:=> Enamel paint is better to use for ‘writing’  with constant flow of paint in a string compared with acrylic. I added the wooden sticks used as tools in above painting (brushing the paint over the surface) – now a ‘landscape’ element in this painting. Reminds me of index painting, something Francis Bacon did and learned form Marcel Duchamp, but here I use the painiting tools as the index to reflect on my painting approach and process – just a very rough idea.


Stefan513593 - Part 5 - Sketchbook 17

Stefan513593 – Part 5 – Sketchbook 17

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