Assignment 5: Self-Evaluation


My self evaluation against the assessment criteria for visual arts.

Demonstration  of technical and Visual Skills: 

In my assignment I let my paintings be informed by my photographs taken on location of the deteriorating house. I looked into different aspects of painting. e.g. monotype as a process step-by-step approach and overpainted photographs. I discovered for the first time how little one need to paint to convey a meaningful painting evoking personal memories and emotions with abstract paintings. I worked and experimented with new materials, e.g. polystyrene and enamel paint.  I could have elaborated my monotypes series. What I discovered was a different approach with my sketchbooks and larger scale paintings. I did not work in a step by step preparation from sketchbook studies to paintings. I worked rather experimental and free in my sketchbook and letting those works inform freely my larger paintings.Some pantings were done without any sketchbook prep.

Quality of Outcome: 

I worked on various approaches and techniques. My final selection was a kind of curatorial approach to out my works into a series. Although they are not coherent in style I do feel the right to show different works of the same theme. Quite prolific approach. At times I felt I could work deeper and less wider on some paintings to make them stronger. However, I do think that this times the freshness and less conscious of my sketchbook works is coming across my larger scale paintings.

Demonstration of Creativity: 

My approach is a constant experimentation with materials and approaches. New materials (e.g. enamel paint and polystyrene support) or different techniques (e.g. monotype prints, overpainted photographs) supported me to explore the wider areas of painting. My approach of overpainting and repainting photographs based on acrylic transfer of inkjet prints became an important aspect of my assignment work. As a different and embedded reality. I liked the physical approach through exploring materiality and texture alongside at times gestural strokes.

I am not sure if I found my personal voice already, some works can be seen rather disconnected from each other. I need to consolidate and focus on a few approaches that I explore further and deeper.


As the abstract paintings were a first attempt for me I posted three of them for critique and peer review on the OCA discuss forum what supported and helped me understand better the quality of works as well as context and responses to an audience. I feel very grateful about this experience. I researched not painter artists only but also aspects from cinema, architecture, literature and psychology. I felt the wider field of research can be fruitful for how I see my paintings. This time I worked less constrained with context and let those inspirations rather sit in the background and follow my own way of working.

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