Assignment 4 – Self Evaluation

My self evaluation against the assessment criteria for visual arts.

Demonstration  of technical and Visual Skills: 

During part 4 I embarked on my parallel sketchbook work to explore and discover the world around me at me work and living place in Switzerland. My regular quick sketches trained not only my observational skills of traditional landscape paintings. I could learn more how to work fluently and at times, minimalistic in watercolor and ink. I felt more connected to capture the essence of a place.  My outdoor painting experience and experimental works with found objects brought me into a different route of physical engaging and at times rather abstract painting. At times I am still struggling with handling and mixing oil paint on restricted space as required for outdoor painting. Working on the ground with more space around seems to resonate more to me than working on a small easel outdoors.

Quality of Outcome: 

With more and regular work especially in my sketchbook and for the assignment work I avoided to get stuck and too self-conscious in applying a fluent and expressive painting approach. Some exercises with more focus on depicting the scene in front me out me back into less successful paintings. E.g. project 1 exercise ‘view from a window’-

I feel that with my assignment work and especially with project 2 exercise ‘linear perspective’ and project 5 exercise ‘squaring up’ I was more successful in combining contextual researches and visual exploration of my subject. I found that incorporating the element of chance and a kind of automatic (e.g. decalcomania, dripping/running down of paint) supported me to create new applying visual images.

At times, I still look a bit too wide in context and trying to plan too much in advance. However, compared to previous parts I do feel that I am evolving in the right direction and find the two above mentioned exercise works especially intriguing.

Demonstration of Creativity: 

I enjoy experimenting with materials, approaches and combinations of media. With on location experience I looked for found materials and incorporated those in my paintings. Most of the time I do envision new visual articulation and try to find ways how to apply certain techniques e.g. decalcomania, dripping ink, water spraying for a meaningful visual image. At time I am concerned with the right balance between the technical site and the visual narrative.


Based on the figurative part of the course and my intense self portraits approach alongside with my tutor’s feedback after assignment 3, I was more concerned and interested in looking at my relationship with the world around me. How the different environments do impact me visual articulation and paintings, how my personal encounter and emotional responses do impact my painting approach. I looked up especially how sublime is considered in a contemporary context, how the unthinkable and unspeakable with a strong emotional response do deliver on this theme e.g. project 2 exercise ‘linear perspective’ or project 5 exercise ‘working from photograph’. For my assignment work based on previous exercises I looked up a few contemporary artists that I find the most appealing and interesting ones for my approach.


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