Gallery visit – About Painting Part I & II – Bern, Switzerland

I discovered that two galleries in Bern, Switzerland had this month an exhibition called ‘About Painting‘: Galerie Kornfeld and Galerie Bischoff & Partner (see references). I thought that this would be great opportunity to open up my mind on painting and to see what could be explored as a painting (compared to a drawing). I hoped to discover new perspectives for my future work.

In a handout of the gallery I could read a profane but simple definition of painting:

applying wet paint with a brush, palette knife or any other tool on a painting surface

First I went to the Galerie Cornfield, and felt a bit at unease, as the gallery is more know as an auction house with sales frequently into milllions of swiss franc. The good part was that they offered  auction catalogues for free with full of art works from last centuries till contemporary art that I could use for visual reference and clipping.

Both galleries present mostly swiss contemporary artist, many of them from my region Bern. I was mostly interested in the following contemporary artist:

  • Pascal Danz (1961 – 2015)
    => for his luminous painting with abstract and blurred marks



=> representation of high key, luminous scenes with abstract markings and blurred edges. Some edges even in different color.


  • Alois Lichtsteiner (b. 1950)
    Available at:  [Accessed: 20 February 2016]
    => his simplified abstract pictorial images that trigger perception of mountains or birch barksketchbook_2b

sketchbook_3aa=> Alois Lichtsteiner tackles the questions of what is representation, what is perception, and what is triggered as an illusion in the viewers’ mind. By that he refers to the phenomenological approach of Merleau-Ponty. Lichtsteiner point of view that seeing and perception can not be achieved – as it pure illusion. For him it is a liminal experience between representation and the presentation of a pictorial image that triggers perceptions.

  • Kotscha Reist (b. 1963)
    Available at: [Accessed: 20 February 2016]
    => for his super implied b/w painting (like notan) of close up views

sketchbook_3b=> As simplified image in three tonal values. Nevertheless making the form perception very convincing. Something I really want to learn.


  • Elsbeth Böniger (b. 1945)
    => for her non- traditional approach to painting with enamel, bitumen on honeycomb cardboard



sketchbook_4a sketchbook_4aa

  • Rolf Iseli (b. 1934)
    => for his work with fusion material (incl earth and wire) with a strong connection to site and environment

I researched this in the context of my personal project from ‘Drawing 1’ (Schaffeld, 20 Feb 2016) => click here

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