Notes – Part 3: Figure and Portrait Painting

I am really looking forward to figure and portrait painting. During my first and previous OCA course ‘Drawing 1’ it was the figurative part where I found eventually a new confidence in my artistic approach. I developed an intimate relationship between media and surface in a constant interaction and engagement during the process of the making.

I want to leverage this into my painting approach. I outline here for myself the key elements:

  • Process as a constant interrogation and embodiment of my own perception
  • An additive and subtractive approach engaging time 
  • Multilayering as a constant investigation 
  • Exploration of surface and space

Besides those I want further to elaborate elements that I started to investigate during the first two parts of this course:

  • Blur and edges, illusion of reality and ambiguity of perception
  • Expressive abstract strokes to convey a unique sense of reality
  • Juxtaposition of abstract and tonally rendered areas
  • Colour use for expressive visualisation
  • Luminosity and interplay of shadows

Additional project that I want to pursue:

  • A daily self portrait – to practice, to depict mood, and to follow my own learning curve (till assignment 3).

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