Project 1 – Exercise 1: Drawing the human figure

For this exercise I decided to work with my model in a domestic environment. I considered this as a warm up

Stefan513593 - Project 1 - Exercise 1/1

Stefan513593 – Project 1 – Exercise 1/1

Stefan513593 - Project 1 - Exercise 1/2

Stefan513593 – Project 1 – Exercise 1/2

Perhaps I am still a bit too much on the drawing side. I would consider next time for the  different planes that could results in interesting paintings.


For the next exercise I decided to take the following pose as it shows interesting shapes and lines alongside an expression of mood.

Stefan513593 - Project 1 - Exercise 1/3

Stefan513593 – Project 1 – Exercise 1/3

In preparation for the foliowing exercises and to browse through a variety of paining approach I looked up some artists that over some time I found intriguing due to some aspects in their work.

Contextual research: 

Some inspiration taken figures in domestic environment with linear qualities and/or combination with tonal gradation:

  • William Coldstream (1908 – 1987)
    – ‘Seated Nude (Catherine Tait)‘, 1972-73
    in: Arnold, 2014 – cat. 86
    => a combination of line and tonal painting nearly in monochrome.
  • Euan Uglow (1932 – 2000)
    – ‘Nude lying down with arm across chest‘, 1967
    in: Arnold, 2014 – cat.62
    => simple layout linear depiction of a reclining  pose with broad flat application of paint. It is clear that the painting started with a drawing of simple shapes
    – ‘Georgia‘, 1968-73
    In: Arnold, 2014 – cat. 91
    => rather tonal depiction of a reclining pose with strong pattern focus


  • Frank Auerbach (b. 1931)
    – ‘Head of E.O.W.I‘, 1968
    in: Arnold, 2014 – cat. 89
    => His drawings and thick paintings (mostly portraits) do show thick brush strokes with strong linear qualities. This one does convince through an intense and bodily interaction with paint constantly interrogation the relationship with the model


  • Jenny Saville (b. 1970)
    – ‘The Mothers‘, 2011
    [Online image] Available from: [accessed 28 July 2016]
    => multilayered drawing, painting with visible lines markings and tonal paintings



Other contemporary artists working with figurative subject matter and got my attention – for further investigation (all mentioned in Valli, 2014):


  • Arnold, H. en Brighton, A. (2014) Bare life: Bacon, Freud, Hockney and others. London artists working from life 1950-80. Germany: Hirmer Publishers
  • Valli, M. en Dessanay, M. (2014) A brush with the real: Figurative painting today. London, UK: Laurence King Publishing.

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