Note: further painting thoughts

In the context of my assignment 2 I had some further ideas I wanted to explore, but did not have time to do so. Perhaps it would also go too far in another direction. Thus I make a note to myself:

Based on my experiments in my sketchbooks with other tools (bubble wrap, metal mesh, plastic)

Format: Tondo

Round shape reminds me of eye retinal = looking and seeing colour and tonal values. Alongside blur of vision: foveal and peripheral. How to differentiate the idea of cones (color) and rods (values). Double images of left and right eye (ambiguous vision – adjusted to one meangingfuk image by human brain)

=> large scale, bubble wrap (round markings), optical mixing, objects
=> Superimposed images (Jenny Saville)

Works by others:


Other approaches that attract me:

Drawing + Painting (multilayers showing my painting process instead of covering it up it with paint)
=> drawing medium and paint
Context: Jenny Saville
Reverse painting on transparent support:
Context: Silvia Gertsch (Oil behind glass), Nalini Malini (acrylic behind mylar)


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