Project 3: Conclusions on still life in color

What different visual effect did I achieve in this project?

Stefan513593 - Project 3 - Still life comparision

Stefan513593 – Project 3 – Still life comparision

  1. Painting with an accurate tonal value and colour matching (in acrylic):
    => a clear view and realistic view close to a naked eye perception, not interpretation or emotional association required. One can truly related to this a subject from own domestic life.
  2. Painting with a limited palette of just two complementary colours and white (one in pastel and one in gouache)
    => The restriction of hues enforces a tonal value perception. More emphasis on selected colours do enhance the overall attention.
    => Blue and orange: a cool and warm juxtaposition where the attention is shifting between both and the warm colour, through less saturated becomes intense. Due to the white mix in pastels the overall perception is that of a evening and dimmed light scene.
    => Red and green: A quite warm atmosphere with warm browns and eye-catching red brightness. The green enhances contrast and by that the painting gets attention as a clear and focused image.
  3. Painting mood (in oil):
    => The at times blur combined with a limited palette of two colours (red and blue – each in two hues) and white and a bit of yellow provides a calm atmosphere. No loud bright colours are interrupting the space. The colours merge into each other and still keeping their own perception. The blur view is like the peripheral vision of the eye, not sharp focus means less colour fatigues.


I learned tremendously in this project and really enjoyed spending the time and efforts in investigating colour and surface. Additionally experiments in my sketchbooks helped me to explore other territories that might be beneficial for future works.


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