Assignment 2 – Self evaluation

My self evaluation against the assessment criteria for visual arts.

Demonstration  of technical and Visual Skills:

Part 2 allowed me to explore more the basics of colour concepts and visual perception of colour in an objective (I doubt this is possible at all) way of matching colours and tonal values and an subjective way of how to create atmosphere and mood. Through my step by step approach as a routine (sketching, tonal value studies, contextual research, colour studies, painting process) I was able to get some appealing paintings that got a good proximity to real still life in front of me. I like more to work from life as this allows me with my naked eye to get first hand impression on atmosphere, perspective, and colours.

I found at ease with working in dry pastels for the immediate response and tactile experience and gouache for the loose application and quick visualisation of thoughts (sketchy mode). I like to work in oil for the brightness and body, and in acrylic for its faster drying and quicker response.

My two assignment paintings do show a good match to my intention to depict luminosity and an interior at two different day light illuminations. Working with other tools the brushes (e.g palette knife) need more practice.

Quality of Outcome:

In my assignment paintings I often referred to my previous learnings and concepts from at times other areas of interest (e.g. physiological phenomena). I applied my learnings and improved experience from previous exercises in a coherent approach. I do believe that I captured

Due to time constraints I was not able to produce variations of the selected theme  besides two aspects of illumination of day time in two different approaches. Having ben able to make more variations I would have been able to make more discerned decisions on the most successful ones.

I was struggling with my two assignment painting most when it came to abstraction and visual articulation in colour. However I feel that my painting delivered on composition, understanding of painting material and a realistic depiction of a scene.

Demonstration of Creativity:

Aside the exercises I explored more areas of colour concepts and different ways of painting (plastic foil for glossy surfaces, bubble wrap for optical mixing) that allowed me to get into touch with contemporary artists.

For my two assignment pieces I worked at times rather safe and based my approach on proven approaches from previous exercises. To refer to contemporary artists and some old masters works supported me to add new visual perceptions to rather daily and mundane objects and scenes. Painting 1 is quite close to own work by Pascal Danz that I feel it is a copy and not so much invention on my part. Using the void as a compositional element and at times rather out of balance compositions alongside colour cues (painting 1) made the painting more appealing.

I like to work with other tools and therefore decided for palette knife paint application for painting 2, a more intimate approach and feeling at times like modelling in clay. I feel that I could have pushed more different ways of blurred edges and a combination of additive and subtractive paint approach.


I elaborated my learnings from previous exercises  and contextualised my conceptual thoughts for the assignment paintings. I do think that time constraints made me to limit my artistic articulation. I know that I spend quite some time due my my step by step approach. To contextualise I would like to spend more time on techniques by  contemporary artists (e.g. Alex Kanevsky, Jenny Saville … ) My visits to museums and galleries allowed me to place my thoughts in a contemporary context and perhaps due to that I am getting more critical to myself.


I am really looking forward to my tutor’s feedback to have a better understanding of my current position. Besides my two assignment paintings also on some exercises especially those that build more on conceptual thoughts: Project 2 – Exercise 4 ‘Still life with man-made objects ‘ in oil and Exercise 5 ‘Still with color used to evoke mood ‘ in oil.

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